Technology Deep Dive: Inside Verus

We are an open-source platform available to anyone. We supply tools for individuals and organizations to build equitable frameworks for social and economic change.

The initial Verus release was pre-announced on Bitcointalk with zero premine, and team members mined and staked along with everyone else to generate coins. The Verus developers donated their early mining and staking proceeds to a community foundation, which has also been supported with other community donations in order to support the ongoing growth and project development by core developers and the community for years to come.

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Community driven project in the true spirit of Bitcoin

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No ICO was held

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No coins were pre-mined

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No founder or developer fees

Coin Overview

  • Launch Date: May 21, 2018

  • Coin Ticker: VRSC

  • Average Block Time: 1 minute

  • Max Supply: 83,540,184

  • Consensus Algorithm: Verus Proof of Power

  • Hash Algorithm: VerusHash 2.2

  • UTXO-based, with zk-SNARKs-based zero-knowledge privacy

Technology Deep Dive


Creating a naturally decentralized miner ecosystem.

Verus Proof of Power

A provable hybrid solution to 51% hash attacks.


Advanced self-sovereign and decentralized identities.

Public Blockchains as a Service

Launch your own blockchain with customizable specifications.

Currencies & DeFi

Fractional currencies to enable Verus DeFi


Representations of coins on the Verus blockchain


Zk-SNARKs privacy technology

Service Economy

Verus architecture provides rewards to miners and stakers.

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