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Welcome to Verus

The Internet of Value

Unstoppable & people-powered public infrastructure.

A base to build Web3, and to empower individuals & communities.

The multi-chain & multi-currency L0/1 blockchain protocol.

The rent-free protocol enables novel ways to create value for individuals, communities, businesses, organizations, and governments.

Verus is scalable public infrastructure for the world.


Use Public Blockchains as a Service to deploy customizable, scalable and interoperable blockchains within minutes. No need to provision additional resources.


Digital identities, assets and namespaces for any project. Self-sovereign, decentralized or even centralized. The most complete identity system in the world.


Instant liquidity for blockchain and token projects. Create markets and find funding. Use for lending and borrowing.


Your privacy is a human right. Get fully encrypted zero knowledge private transactions.


Exchange value and data seamlessly across blockchains and other systems. Connect any system together with Verus Interchain Protocol.


Define and publish verifiable data structures across blockchains and other systems. With Verus Data Exchange Format (VDXF) it’s never been easier.


You get cheap, fast, scalable and final payments. An essential element of all decentralized systems.