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$VRSC Actively Staking


/ 76,084,275 total supply

47% is staking

Mining Hashrate

392 GH/s

Number of devices mining indication

130,640 mobile phones


13,064 high-end CPUs

Reported hashrate on the network is 784 GH/s. 50% of reported hashrate is accounted for by proof-of-stake. Mobile phone average mining hashrate is 3 MH/s. High-end CPU average mining hashrate is 30 MH/s. Updates every 15 minutes.

Participate in the network economy.

Earn from economic activity.

Besides coinbase rewards, miners and stakers earn on fees paid to the protocol.


VerusID creation fees


Conversion fees


Blockchain creation fees


Token creation fees

Protocol fees


A green mining revolution.

In the Verus multichain protocol you can mine up to 22 blockchains on one device. With the same hashrate. Boosting your mining efficiency and profits to great heights.


DeFi conversions.

If you hold DeFi tokens, you indirectly earn fees. When conversions happen between its reserves, a 0.025% fee stays in the token, giving it a higher value.


VerusID referrals.

Receive 20 VRSC for each identity created with your VerusID as referral. This referral system goes three levels down. So you can earn up to 60 VRSC.