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The most secure technology for storing wealth.

Proof of Power is the consensus mechanism that protects the Verus blockchain and its multichain network. It’s a hybrid of 50% proof-of-work and 50% proof-of-stake. On top of that, users can set up VerusID Vault to protect their funds.


50% proof-of-work

50% of all blocks are generated by people mining. When mining you use your computer power to generate new blocks and get rewarded for the work.


50% proof-of-stake

50% of all blocks are generated by people staking. When staking you use your coins to generate new blocks and get rewarded for running a full node.

51% Hash Attack Resistant

To successfully attack the network, a bad actor must have at least 51% of all mining power and at least 51% of all staking supply. Truly an unimaginable challenge for any actor. It is fair to conclude Verus is resistant to 51% hash attacks.

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Protect Funds With VerusID Vault

Set up vaults to protect your wealth. Use Verus Vault for vesting periods, trusts and inheritance. And secure yourself against hacks, theft, key loss and even "5$ wrench attacks."

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A multichain network designed to scale.

The network of blockchains is unlimitedly scalable and ready for world demand. Anyone can create a blockchain (PBaaS-chain) for a fee. Blockchains are spawned from the Verus blockchain and maintained by the worldwide network of miners and stakers.

Fractal by Design

The goal is to create a multichain network that can scale fractally. PBaaS-chains can be created on any other PBaaS-chain making the system fractal and scalable to world demand.


Miners can merge-mine up to 22 blockchains on the multichain network at once with no loss of performance, and can stake on any number of chains. The whole network shares mining power, increasing the total strength of the network.

A highly efficient environmentally friendly network.

Devices can mine 22 other blockchains in the multichain network simultaneously, functionally multiplying hashrate by a factor of twenty-two.

Low Power Mining

Low power devices such as mobile phones and ARMs can mine efficiently, making proof-of-work greener than ever before. And, making mining available for low-income countries.

Green Mining Revolution

The whole network shares mining power, making optimal use of all available miners, and strengthening the total network at the same time. Truly a green mining revolution.

Staking Hardware Requirements

As for proof-of-stake, it has a negligible environmental impact, evidenced by the fact that Raspberry Pi’s are perfect staking devices.

Don’t be afraid of faulty smart contracts.

MEV can’t take advantage of you.

No front-running.
No chain reorgs.

Connecting blockchains together.